Wa Muri Ka Oti Amua. To Understand the past is to know the future
Maori Fisheries Conference - 28 March 2018 - Novotel Hotel, Auckland International Airport
Jamie Tuuta

Jamie Tuuta

Chairman, Te Ohu Kaimoana

Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama, Te Āti Awa & Taranaki Tūturu.

Passionate about investment and innovative businesses, Jamie promotes increasing capability and improving the economic and environmental performance of primary industries in Aotearoa, especially in the Māori fisheries sector. He also serves as the Māori Trustee, is a self-employed business consultant, adviser and a company director, including iwi-owned Moana New Zealand.  Jamie has developed strong networks across a variety of industries and operates on the understanding that New Zealand is dependent on sound relationships with other nations and overseas companies to improve the overall economic performance. Jamie opens the 2017 Māori Fisheries Conference in his capacity as chairman of Te Ohu Kaimoana.