Poutu - the sustenance of Māori Identity. Maori Fisheries Conference - Novotel Auckland Airport, 25 March 2019
L Aiko Ohno

Aiko Ohno

Ama diver/photographer - Tokyo

Graduated from Faculty of Oceanography, Tokai University.

After graduating from the university, I worked for a seafood-related company, however, left there to learn underwater photography techniques at a professional school and to become a photographer.

After that, I improved my skill as working as an apprentice of a famous culinary photographer for three years, and became an independent photographer.

I had been dreaming of living in a seaside village and enjoy diving there. One day, I happened to find a recruiting advertisement to hire new ama divers in Toba City, Mie Prefecture. I was moved by such a fateful opportunity. I thought that I would be able to live near the ocean while working as a photographer. I decided to apply for it without any hesitations.

 In August 2015, I was selected as an new ama diver, and moved to Ijika-town, Toba-city, Mie-prefecture. While working as an ama diver, I have been promoting many activities to have more and more people know Japanese ama divers and ama cultures. Additionally, I have been enjoying my other hobby of taking photos, from the view of real ama diver.